7 Reasons I’m a commitment-phobe

So it took all of 5 posts for me to stop writing on here, not all that far off my prediction. Maybe I should sack it all in and pursue a career as a psychic? Seems legit.

For real though, and the only reason I’m writing this is because I have no data on my commute home. It’s no surprise to me that I find something so simple, so difficult, because I am a total commitment-phobe. Please see examples attached:

One: I am completely incapable of making a solid plan. Ask any of my friends, I don’t agree to any plans without at least saying ‘I’ll just check my diary’. Bitch, you know you ain’t got no plans.

Carrie Pilby The Movie nah busy introvert bel powley GIF

Two: ‘I don’t even want a boyfriend, it seems like so much hassle’ she says. For the most part true, but a small part of that is my icy selfish heart.

 frozen ice queen of my heart flawless queen GIF

Three: I was reading up on commitment-phobes and apparently a common trait is being charming, so that makes sense.

 prince charming GIF

Four: Also, they are apparently really unorganised in their personal life. Anyone that knows me knows I live my day to day life like a bull in a china shop. Disastrous.

 reactions see nothing disaster nothing to see here GIF

Five: Just to go back to what I opened with, I can’t even keep up a twitter account. Let alone a whole BLOG. Or anything else.

 lazy kimmy schmidt titus but i already did something today GIF

Six: I have had my job for almost an entire year and the thought of it makes my hands clammy. Am I still going to be in the office when I’m 60? AM I ALREADY 60!?

 china GIF

Seven: Cheeky make out in a bar? Thanksss, yeah take my number, sureeee. (But please don’t ever text me, I would rather eat worms than cope with the awkwardness of ever conversing with you again)

 lose GIF

Soooo, for anyone that has ever asked why I am single.. this may be a pretty good tell. I’m the best three C’s. Cold, Charming & Clammy. I think there is probably a fourth that sums it all up a little better.. I just cunt quite put my finger on it.


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