Growing up with a Resting Bitch Face

So apparently I have been giving the look up and down since I could open my eyes. Old lady squeezing my baby self’s chubby cheeks? Eye roll. Reaching for a high shelf as a toddler, stranger tries to help, “Mind your business lady” (real quote).

If anything I think these show a long standing sense of independence & for the record, I still don’t people squeezing my chub.

As many people have written about before, Resting Bitch Face is not a path that you choose, it is something you are born with. But no one seems to write about what it is like to grow up with it. So here’s my take:

One: As previously mentioned, loosing cute factor with the elderly. You go from a bundle of joy to boulder of contempt in the blink of an eye.
Eye Roll

Two: It took 12 years of life to learn to smile with teeth. Now I’m not entirely sure of if this has anything to do with my teeth being shaped like a smile within a smile pre-braces. But a toothless smile only made me look even more like a sassy little bitch.
Braces Smile

Three: Never being able to get a day off school, because your happy face wasn’t all that different from your sad/sick face.
Un-impressed kid face

Four: Passport Control double checking your passport on the way out of the country, because your actually smiling for once and don’t look like the ring leader of a juvenile gang. Waved straight back through after your flight home though.
passport control

Five: The ability to terrify grown adults. I think it was the silent, calm stare that would be the reply to a cheery question or request. “If looks could kill”, is a phrase that I have had follow me for as long as I can remember. With any luck, it’ll stick around, it holds so much power.
death stare

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